What is the cost of renting a garage?

How much is costs to rent a garage also varies. Typically a garage rented from the council costs anywhere from £5 to £15 per week depending on the region. Council tenants receive a discount as no VAT is applied to the charge.

Commercial companies who offer garages for rent can charge anything they want and typically prices vary from £10 per week to up to £150 per week1. It is the same for privately rented garages.

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Where will the garage be?

Depending on which route you went through to find a garage, it could be virtually anywhere. A garage rented from a private individual could be near their home or on land they own, or in premises that they rent and sub-let to you. Councils tend to have set banks of garages which are often situated near other council buildings, typically blocks of flats.

Commercially let garages also vary in location. Sometimes the company owns a bank of garages which they rent out. These are often located on storage sites along with storage containers. However in towns and cities, these companies have often invested in multiple locations convenient to commuters such as near main roads or on public transport routes.

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How can I find a garage to rent?

There are a number of different ways in which you can look for a garage:

  • Recommendations – you can ask colleagues, friends and family members to see if anyone else rents a garage or if anyone knows of an individual or company who has garages to rent.
  • The Internet – you can do a search on any search engine to find garages to rent. The results may be comparison or portal sites, company’s websites or individual websites or adverts. Parkatmyhouse.com is the most popular website to find garages to rent in the UK
  • Phone Directory – your local phone book will have details of any companies who rent out garages.
  • Council – your local council will have a number of garages which they rent out. However this often involves adding your name to a waiting list.
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Who rents out garages?

There are a number of different people who rent out garages:

  • Commercial companies – these are companies who often own a number of garages or secure parking spaces.
  • Councils – the majority of British councils have a number of garages that they rent out to both tenants and non tenants.
  • Private Individuals – these are people who may own one garage or more and not need to use them on a regular basis.
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What are the reasons for renting a private garage?

There are a number of reasons why people might want to rent a garage, the first being parking. Only a small number of houses in the UK have garages and often people who live in homes that do not have a garage, want a secure place to park their car where it is not susceptible to criminal acts or accidental damage. Or it may be that someone has a garage at home but wants one near where they work so their car is secure whilst they are conducting their daily business.

Another reason for someone wanting a garage is for additional storage. Most people have items which they want to keep but aren’t used very often or they simply don’t have the room to store them. Such items can include seasonal decorations or sentimental items.

Or it may be that someone wants space to develop a hobby which requires additional room, for example carpentry or building a kit car. Whatever the reason for needing a garage, there are a number of options for finding one.

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